After the Brotherhood of Steel decided against sharing technology, the radicals admits them were sent on a mission across the wastes using large air ships, in the course of their flight a storm devastated the fleet. Of these ships one filled with younger recruits veered off course, away from the rest of the fleet. Its navigation systems badly damaged in the storm,they were carried south towards the golf of mexico where then eventually crashed in the hot desert of a land that was once known as Arkansas.

With no communication from the lead Zeplin the Initiates took it upon themselves to fortify their position. Using some old world maps they located a old military base that may have withstood the destruction of the war, Fort Smith.

While most of the forts defences were disabled, the ruins were defensible. The Outcasts began to trade what little medical supplies, technology, and protection they could with the local villages for food, labour, and in time trust.

Over the next twenty years this faction would help bolster the surrounding villages in exchange for fresh recruits.

You are a new Initiate to the brotherhood, and come from one of the following Areas;

Fort Smith
Van Buren
Green Wood

Fallout - Outcasts